We offer just 1 simple price plan Pay As You Play

pay your game fee up-front, which also acts as your deposit and then purchase your paintballs as and when you need them on the day.

From £7.50

  • Half Day Session: £7.50 per person 3HR
  • Full Day Session: £9.99 per person includes lunch! 5HR

Additional Paintballs

Paintballs can be purchased on site on the day of play. Prices range from £6.00 ~ 8.00 for 100 paintballs.

  • Average Usage:

    • Half Day: 300
    • Full Day: 300~500
    • Children: 300

What to Expect

Between 3 to 5 hours of adrenalin fuelled mayhem. Including a selection of games and missions...read more


  • Paintball Marker (gun)
  • Protective Face Mask
  • Overalls