The UKPSF, Paintballs' Governing Body, is here to safeguard the future of the sport by acting as a intermediary between paintball sites and the government to determine the codes of conduct that will be adhered to. The overall objective of the UKPSF is to ensure a safe and fun environment in which to play the game and, ultimately, have the Sports Council officially recognise paintball as a sport.

The UKPSF are responsible for producing the Codes of Practice that all UKPSF registered sites will follow. This gives sites all the info they require on operating a safe site in terms of play-zones, catering, equipment and marshalling. This is, of course, of paramount importance and something that the UKPSF take very seriously.

As many paintball venues operate in woodland, the UKPSF also work in conjuction with English Nature to ensure that paintball operators select a suitable site to house a paintball venue, how to best manage that site and other vital information. The UKPSF also produce a comprehensive Risk Assessment package that contains all the pertinent information, which includes Health & Safety documentation released by the HSE.

To conclude, the UKPSF are, essentially, paintball fans who care about the future of the sport and, as such, dedicate their time to ensuring that paintball remains an exhilarating and safe day out and that the future of the sport is bright and secure.

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