Frequently Asked Questions

QHow long do you get behind the wheel?

AThis depends entirely on the package that you opt for. Some packages will give you a taster session of what Rallying is all about, whereas others will have you spending the whole day behind the wheel!

Q What should I wear?

AYou should wear comfortable clothing including long trousers. You should also wear sensible shoes for the occassion e.g trainers.

Q Is the safety equipment provided?

AYes, all of our spectacular venues will provide you with all the safety equipment that you require.

QIs it safe?

AYou will be given a thorough safety briefing prior to your event and will have a specially trained instructor at your side throughout your experience.

QHow fast do Rally Cars go?

AThis depends on how hard you are prepared to ride them! All of our venues boast raced maintained Rally Cars capable of some phenomenal speeds and expert handling.

QAre there any age restrictions?

AYes, typically you will need to be a minimum of 17 years of age and hold a full and valid UK driving license.

QAre there any height restrictions to Rally Driving?

AYes, generally speaking you will need to be a minimum of 5'2 feet tall and a maximum of 6'7 feet. Also, most of our sites have a maximum weight restriction of 18 stone.

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