Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat should I wear?

AYou should wear clothes that are suitable for a strenuous outdoor activity and dress accordingly to the weather condition. It is also wise to wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty as the propensity to get covered in mud is rather high!

QHow much driving time do I get?

AThis when depend on what packages you have opted for. Genrally speaking, the majority of our venues offer half day and full day experiences, so you will have an idea of how long you'll get behind the wheel based on which package you have chosen.

Q Is it dangerous?

ANo, you most likely won't be going more than 5-10 MPH. It's all about the thrill of tackling impossible looking terrain. If any safety equipment is required it will be provided by our venue upon your arrival.

QHow old do you have to be?

ATypically, you will need to be a minimum of 18 years of age and hold a full and valid driving license. Some of our venues may offer Off Road experiences to those younger than this. Ring our Sales Consultants to discuss your needs.

QWhat happens if the vehicle gets stuck?

AIt would be disappointing if it didn't! Getting vehicles out of tricky situations is all part of the enjoyment of your Off Road Experience!

QWhat type of vehicle will I be using?

AAgain, this will depend on the venue and package that you choose. All of our venues, however, offer top of the range 4x4 vehicles.

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