About Us

Welcome to Laser Strike, offering the most dazzling array of Laser Combat packages on the web! Not to be confused with Laser-Tag, our Laser Combat packages are an intensive and frantic outdoor battle with technologically advanced laser weaponry that is more suited to the milatary! The action will be unrelenting and exhilarating as it comes, as you pick off your foes with deadly accurate laser fire! So, for the ultimate in laser battles, book yourself onto one of our awesome Laser Combat Packages now!

Our fantastic Laser Combat packages are ideal for all manner of occasions. Whether you're looking for the perfect Corporate Pursuit as a team-building exercise or a Birthday Bash that is that bit different, then our Laser Combat Packages are just the thing for you! These phenomenal packages are suitable for those aged from 6-60 courtesy of the fact there is no risk of injury as there is no projectile involved, merely a harmless infra-red laser! So, for a rip-roaring good time without the mess and bruises the next day, book onto one of our Laser Combat Packages now!