Frequently Asked Questions

QCan I Bring my Own Paintballs?

AAbsolutely not. Only paintballs sold on site may be used on that game day. In this way we can ensure that they not only meet all insurance and health and safety standards but are also fully biodegradeable. So for safety reasons any players bringing their own paintballs onto site will be immediately ejected from the site - No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

QIs There a Minimum Age For Paintball?

AThe minimum age for most sites is twelve years old but some sites do have a minimum age restriction of 11yrs (please check on your specific venues information page to confirm this) it can also be as high as eighteen at some sites. Any players under sixteen will need to bring a completed parental consent form with them which are supplied with your booking confirmation or can be downloaded here.

QHow Many Paintballs Will I Need?

AObviously this varies from player to player and is very dependant on your style of play. However, the average amount of paintballs used on a full day is between 400 and 600. On a half day expect to use around 300.

QWhat Should I Wear?

AYou are going to be running around in the woods. You will get dirty! So wear old clothes and trainers or walking boots. We do provide overalls but it can be muddy so we advise against wearing white or light colours.

QWhat Clothes Should We Wear?

AJust casual wear with trainer style shoes. Most circuits supply all safety clothing, Helmet, Balaclava, Gloves, and Race Suit.

QDo I Need To Book?

AYou definitely need to book. We do not cater for players just turning up at the site as we allocate equipment around our sites according to players booked in. Please try and book as far in advance as you can - we will always try to accommodate players right up to the day before - but once all our guns are booked up. We are full!

QDo I Need To Bring A Large Group Or Can I Just Bring A Couple Of Friends?

APaintball is very much the more the merrier. But don't worry if only a couple of you want to play as we generally mix groups together to ensure optimum gameplay.

Have a Question?

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