Frequently Asked Questions

Q What car will I be driving?

AThis depends entirely on the package that you have chosen. Each of our packages are typically to drive a certain type of vehicle, so you'll know what car you'll be driving when you book.

QHow old do I need to be?

AAt the majority of our venues you will need to be a minimum of 17 years of age and hold a full and valid manual driving license.

QAre there any height or weight restrictions?

AGenerally speaking you will need to be a minimum of 5'2 feet and no more than 6'6 feet and not weigh in excess of 18 stones though these restricitions may vary from venue to venue.

QWhat should I wear?

AYou should wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing and, in terms of footwear, trainers are the most sensible choice. Do NOT wear sandals or heels of any sort.

QWhat safety equipment is provided?

AIf safety equipment is required for your chosen event then our venue will supply all the requisite safety equipment.

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